Extension Nipples EN-1/2/3/4/5/6/7 SIZE:25/40/50/63/75/100/150mm

Glass Shelf Corner 5 Squarix - GSC-SQ-8/10/12 SIZE:8/10/12 INCHS


Glass Shelf Corner 5 Squarix - GSC-SQ-12/16/102 SIZE:8/10/12 INCHS
HOOK RAILS B-06 Bold Six Hook, B-04 Bold Four Hook
SHOWER TUBES ST-CA (1.2 Mtr.) ST-CB (1.5 Mtr.) C.P. Shower Tube (Flexible)
ST-PA (1 Mtr.) ST-PB (1.5 Mtr.)
C.P. Shower Tube (PVC)

Angle Valves AC-FR Flair
Angle Valves AC-SX SQUARIX
Angle Valves AC-AH ARCH
Economy PVC Connection Pipe - 300/450/600/750mm
PVC Connection Pipe - 300/450/600/750/900/1200/1500mm
Salem Stainless Steel Connection Pipe - 450/600mm
CP PVC Connection Pipe - 450/600mm
Salem Stainless Steel Mixure Connection Pipe - 450/600mm
W-P-C/W Waste Pipe Creama/White
Copper Connection Pipe - 450/600/750/900/1200mm
CCP-NW Copper Connection Pipe - Nut & Washer
AM-US Urinal Spreader
Flanges (SS) FSO/FBO-Small/Big Ozone
Flanges (SS) FBD/FOL-Bold/Ovalo
Flanges (Brass) FSX/FKE/FBO-Squarix/Kape/Bimbo
Spares AMT CP Tee 15mm/AME CP Elbow 15mm/AMHN CP Hex Nipple 15mm/ANHS CP Hook with screw & Fastners
Bathroom Faucets
Flushings System
Water Closets
Bathroom Fitting
Bathroom Accessories
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